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Three Principles in the Community

Our thoughts are seeds, and our lives are the garden that grows from those seeds. It is up to us whether that garden is beautiful or if it is filled with weeds. This is what I have learned from attending the 3 Principles lunch and learn sessions and working with Tony Wilson on the application of these principles. While considering the next chapter of my life, Tony showed me the importance of positive thinking to achieve the success I imagined and his constant reminders kept me on track and helped me launch two dream businesses. I am now pursuing the goals I had for myself and enjoying my new-found freedom thanks to the wisdom and guidance I received from him. I am very thankful to have Tony in my "inner circle".

Heather R. Wilson
Owner/Lead Consultant at IE Consulting
Owner/Designer at Inner Enthusiasm Jewelry

The foundation of the Three Principles has become the window into using spirituality as my guide in life. I find that I am conscious to the now and experience insights that I would otherwise miss. Tony's illustration of "home" as the place we all are at our best is useful to me each day as I work with troubled kids and their families. Many of the people I work with are just a thought away from being able to make good decisions, but no one has ever taught them that they have the power within to make a good life for themselves.

Peter Cade
Remedial Case Worker
Des Moines, Iowa

I am happy to offer my comments about how helpful it has been to be part of the lunch and learns that you have facilitated over the last few years. I started attending when you were at the Neighborhood Finance Office on 6th Ave in 2006. Just thinking about being in the room makes me take a nice breath in and out and my shoulders go down a bit. You have a way of including everyone in the group and making people feel part of something pretty profound. Simple and profound at the same time. There is a sense of community and appreciation for each other's gifts that is communicated.
In my job life I am a counselor/advocate for Polk County Crisis and Advocacy. I work with crime victims, at times we see people at their worst moment, at the hospital after a sexual assault or at the police station after a homicide. Tony Wilson has helped me tremendously in dealing with the stresses of my job. His teaching me The Three Princples allowed me to be present with people, to be humble and know I cannot fix anything but I can be calm and in their corner focused and available.
In closing I will just say keep up the good work Tony and I hope to see you next Tuesday for the lunch and learn.

Kate Gilmore
Polk County Crisis & Advocacy Services

The lunch and learns and the 3 Principles have been a great blessing to my life. It has given me a way to handle my own strong personality in a way that will not be offensive to others. I stop and think prior to speaking much of the time since this training and am able to judge when and when not to confront an issue. It is also easier to pick battles and to decide which battles need to be dealt with at all. During the time I was facilitating child care classes, my students stated, "Suzanne is softer since the 3 Principles."

Shepherdess Suzanne O. Holmes
Senior Pastor/Founder
Learning of the Lord Revival Ministries, Inc. COGIC

The most powerful impact the 3 Principles has had on me is watching you model them in all my interactions with you. Your consistent caring and concern was evident throughout. I connected how you treated me with the realization that the 3 Principles were guiding your interactions with me, and others around me.


I have attended three of Tony Wilson's Lunch and Learn sessions regarding The Three Principles. Each time I attend one, I learn more than before. That kind of learning experience is due to the fact that the Three Principles led me to self-reflection upon who I am, where I am headed, and where I expect to land. And, I am 62 years old! Mind, Consciousness, and Thought--Tony Wilson, facilitates lively discussions around the Three Principles and helps you to navigate your own course of reality--all at the same time.

Bobbretta M. Brewton

Tony "Sensei" Wilson was instrumental in helping me take a first and very important step in my journey towards inner peace. He helped me understand how my "thinking" was getting in the way of my "living" and how by simply being able to recognize this, I could release...

R. Lewis
Aka "Grasshopper"

The 3P's have gotten me to see...
That as time has gone by, and as time goes by... "I am alive."
In my reality I am he and he is I...
I have infinite wisdom that is shown in my work!
I too, have enjoyed working with you and learning from you.
You are a strong individual.

David Houston
Homes 4 My Peeps

Three Principles in the Church

I have found the 3 Principles especially helpful as a way to build good community within the Church. Three Principles groups seems to provide a safe place for person to explore the spiritual dimension.

Rev. William D. Cotton

Three Principles in Human Services

Our organization has been working with Tony for the last 2 years. His presence could not have come at a better time!! We have been experiencing staff reorganization, budget cuts and new leadership. The 3 principles have given all of the staff a common vocabulary to think upon. When a co-worker starts feeling and acting outside the porch we just simply redirect them and ask them to go home!! Tony has personally helped me in many ways. One of the most important is the "oh well" theory. There are so many issues in life that we do not have control of, remembering that it is okay to say "oh well, I have done my best"!! Finally I would say that Tony has also inspired me to stop making so many assumptions in life, it is important to ask questions before we make decisions on others actions!!

Sara Bath

The staying at "HOME" concept really provides me the common terminology with my staff. We use this term as part of our daily conversation. We learn to respect each other as well as recognize that all of us are diverse human beings with different strengths. We learned to recognize and utilize our strengths and to not lean on our weaknesses. We distinguish the difference between "making things up" and looking at the situation with innocence. I strongly believe in order for a person to be a good leader, he/she needs to lead by example. A leader needs to be proactive and not reactive, seek first to understand, then to be understood.

Sone Xaykose
Income Maintenance Administrator
Department of Human Services

If you're in need of a little boost to your office morale, Tony Wilson is an outstanding guide. His positivity and enthusiasm can lead you towards a healthier office environment. If you're in need of a little boost to your office morale, Tony Wilson is an outstanding guide. His positivity and enthusiasm can lead you towards a healthier office environment. If you're in need of a little boost to your office morale, Tony Wilson is an outstanding guide. His positivity and enthusiasm can lead you towards a healthier office environment.

Tony S.

Some people have one of those days, For me it always seems like several days hit me at once. Prior to my communications with Tony, Several days used to hit me at once and the whirlwind of anxiety, stress and frustration took over. Leading to illness, sickness, depression and sleep deprivation for a period of years. My children were able to use emotional blackmail to get what they want or felt they needed. Now I dont feel like I owe them anything but love, and I only do what I am able to and the guilt that I used to feel is lessened. I cant control others but I can change my reaction to them. Now using what I have gained from my experiences, I can take that same life of confusion and own it. I deal with one thing at a time. Rest when I need it, Eat to stay healthy and do what I can in a 24 hour day and let the rest go. When several things hit, I deal with the ones that I can and let the rest go. I sleep nights, I eat, my migraines come only now and again rather then daily. I don't wake up sick to my stomach, and can function as a human being and not a zombie. I have my saying that I have picked up from Tony, Heck no I won't go which sometimes I say daily. ( of course I revised this) I love the saying "It is what it is!" and then I don't thrive on the anxiety of it all. And last, pass some of what I have gained back in my life to others and use that wisdom to help others who have their own challenges. I pick my battles wiser then previous and only those worth the while and those I can have a positive impact on either for myself or others whom are involved. I have always been a smart person now I am smart and constructive. My last phrase to pass on to others is. To know me is to love me and if you don't love me, it's because you don't know me. I would recommend anyone to Tony no matter what in life they face. It had been a long time since I like myself and it is a wonderful feeling to have and own.


Three Principles in Education

Dr T, as I like to refer to him provided families of the Homework Empowerment Camp to participate in the 3 Principles session. Dr T makes this informative, thought provoking, interactive session reflective of one's inner self. We were taken on a journey of discovery. Many times in my life I have left the "porch" and ran into the "yard" and down to the "neighborhood". There were many opportunities that I have not known how I got there or why. Dr. T's exercise in the 3 Principles taught me, and other parents how we are in control, and why. Another amazing component is how enjoyable, fun, and entertaining the process was. The parents and I enjoyed the session so much, and we learned so much we requested Dr. T to do another session with our children/students. I believe in angels, both spiritual and natural. God understands the need to have physical affirmations of faith, truth, honesty, and respect; therefore God allows some to walk among us to be beacons of faith, truth, and life. This is not a pedestal, Dr. T is not a God...but ask me and I will say he's truly an angel. My families and I are blessed to have him in our midst sharing his wisdom, knowledge, and faith.. Applause Dr. T - applause....

Paulette R Wiley
Project Director
Education Brain Trust
Founded by Larry W Carter, Wesley S Chapman, & Evelyn K Davis
May we forever continue the work.....

Mr. Wilson teaches the 3 Principles for my Intervention Theories and Practice II classes each spring and summer term at DMACC. He does an excellent job of engaging the students and getting them to realize the importance of their own health and how that affects the people that they work with in the Human Service field. Burn out and self-care are important factors in our field and ones that get overlooked. Tony does an superb job of bringing that to the forefront and really getting students to think about how their thoughts can affect their actions, moods, perceptions, etc. On more than one occasion a student has been brought to tears from Tony's presentation because he has given them the "tools" and permission to let go of the hurt and pain. As the instructor I have listened to Tony's presentation a dozen times and each time I learn something new and feel refreshed about my own "health" and the concept behind the 3 Principles. He is one of the highlights of the semester and the students at DMACC appreciate the wisdom that he has to share and the vessel in which he shares it.

Thank you,
Ilima Young-Dunn
Human Service Program Chair
Des Moines Area Community College

It doesn't seem like it's been 6 years since I participated in 3 Principles training. It is now embedded in every decision, every challenge - every day. I am a better leader because of it.

Kathie Danielson
Roosevelt High School

Three Principles in the Military

Tony Wilson is an insightful mentor, a talented teacher, an experienced leader, a professional speaker, and a proven problem solver. I've worked with Tony Wilson for many years. I've worked with Tony in his formal role as a senior officer and Inspector General with the 132d Fighter Wing, but more importantly I've worked with Tony in his informal role as the main advisor to the 132d Fighter Wing leadership team. Tony Wilson has the unique ability to understand and identify the root causes of the most complex personnel problems and subsequently present practical solutions to effectively resolve the issue. Tony Wilson's wisdom and counsel have had a tremendous influence on the 132d Fighter Wing. He has my wholehearted recommendation.

William D. Dehaes
Iowa ANG

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